Specialists in Temporary Traffic Management

The traffic management division has the versatility to carry out works of any size and complexity ranging from minor road closures to full motorway contraflows.
All traffic management schemes are installed using our specialist fleet of vehicles and equipment.
The experienced Herts Team from Directors to Operatives ensure that all works are carried out to the highest standard.



Two Way | Three Way | Four Way

Mobile battery powered with up to 4 phases with each phase  accepting up to 2 heads. This system comprises fixed signal heads, LED low consumption optics, with latest technology vehicle detection. The battery packs provide up to 10 days continuous running. Compact, secure and totally silent operation make these units ideal for a wide range of traffic control applications.



Combined With Traffic Signals Heads Now Available

Why wait any longer ? 
Herts Traffic Management has invested in the latest XL Ped Crossing system from PIKE Signals
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Video Camera Bike added to the fleet

Herts Traffic Management’s philosophy is to be the industry leader in not only the service we provide, but also, how we provide it.
With this in mind we constantly search for new and more innovative ways to deliver our services.
For example; Site inspections can now be conducted on a motorbike with the whole task digitally video recorded. Due to the nimbleness of a bike, a site inspection can be completed in a fraction of the time an operator would require in a truck and without impeding traffic flow.The video and photographic evidence we collect has also been successfully used as defence in fraudulent compensation claims against our clients.

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Variable Message Signs

* 24/7 Continuous Operation  
* Text and Graphical images  
* Brightest LED’s ensure visibility in any conditions  
* Silent running, ideal for urban use  
* No fuel, No mess, No noise  
* Radar speed detection available  
* Signs delivered to your site location and set up by our dedicated sign team  
* Battery performance is monitored remotely so you can be assured your unit is always powered  
* Remote control available  
* Highway Agency Specification TR-2516B  
* CE Approved  
* Ideal for Road works, Road safety campaigns & Events



Site Specific Surveys & Drawings

Contact our operations team who can conduct site surveys where required and produce traffic control diagrams and route diversion schemes which covers all aspects of temporary traffic control from pedestrian footways and single carriageway roads to high speed dual carriageways.

Road and Bridge Network


Bespoke Signs

So you need to produce a top quality temporary traffic management road sign? Bespoke signs made to order. Signs produced and delivered to you within 24 hours of your instructions.



Advanced Radar Vehicle Actuated

· Closing of a green phase faster after the last vehicle has passed

· When a queue begins to lengthen on one end the max Green time will be extended to help clear the queue

· The max green time will continue to be increased (up to a pre-set max) should the queue not be readily cleared

· The green phases will dynamically adjust allowing for ‘tidal flow’ conditions at different parts of the day.